Is it good to live in Cyprus?

Since the 70s of the last century, Cyprus has begun to attract the attention of our compatriots, who currently number over 40,000 people.

Since the 70s of the last century, Cyprus has begun to attract the attention of our compatriots, who currently number over 40,000 people. Of course, one of the reasons to come here for permanent residence has always been the opportunity to live in an excellent climate, lead a restless life away from the noise of megacities, and enjoy the beauty of the island's nature.

Limassol can be called a truly Russian city of Cyprus, where there are many Russian shops, kindergartens and schools, as well as events that are interesting for immigrants from the former USSR. There are also many compatriots in Paphos and Larnaca. The capital of the island is most often interesting only for those who come to Cyprus to study or work. Many are attracted by the ease of moving to Cyprus. You can get a long-term visa by buying inexpensive real estate and confirming your annual income in the amount of 10,000 euros per person.

In addition, people come to Cyprus on a work or study visa; having received citizenship for investments in the amount of 2 million euros or permanent residence with investments in real estate from 0.3 million; starting a business on the island; or those who marry a Cypriot citizen.

The standard of living in Cyprus by European standards is quite high: high-quality food, a high level of education, an excellent climate, well-organized traffic, a developed real estate market. On average, living in Cyprus, a family of two needs 1,500 euros per month for rent, food, entertainment and sports. For example, the average monthly bill for supermarket groceries is 300-350 euros, renting a small apartment on average will cost 700 euros, but there are some nuances. For example, in recent years, Limassol has been actively developing, rich foreigners are coming here, and accordingly housing prices are growing both in the purchase and sale market and in the rental market. Larnaca and even Paphos in this regard can offer more economical real estate options.

The issue of employment can also be resolved, although this will require patience. The most in demand professions are in finance, medicine, education, as well as in IT technologies. There are also interesting proposals in the construction sector and in areas related to tourism. The average salary of a programmer in Cyprus is in the region of 2000-4000 euros, a financier in the region of 3000 euros, but even the income of a secretary of a financial or legal company is in the region of 1500 euros per month. The tourist business pays less than 1000 euros, but you can find options with free accommodation or meals.

New acquaintances will help you adapt in Cyprus, including with Cypriots, who are mostly kind and open people. Many speak both English and Russian.

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