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Nature in Cyprus behaves quite differently from what we are used to feeling, especially when it comes to changing seasons.

Nature in Cyprus behaves quite differently from what we are used to feeling, especially when it comes to changing seasons. Summer Cyprus does not bloom with all colors, but rather approaches in appearance to the desert, the heat of which is replaced by mountain coolness in the evening. In autumn, with the rainy months approaching, the mountain slopes do not turn yellow, but, on the contrary, begin to bloom with carnations, cyclamens, alpine violets and peonies, and the air is filled with the aromas of herbs, ripe fruits and young wine.

It is for this reason that we, the inhabitants of the northern regions of the planet, are attracted by this mysterious island, located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, even in winter. Indeed, in winter in Cyprus, literally from the trees, overripe fruits of citrus trees will fall into your hands, and the sun will shine as joyfully and brightly as it sometimes does not shine in your latitudes. Winters in Cyprus are mild and sunny by our standards. The average air temperature is around + 17-20 degrees, and therefore this is the best time for quiet walks and measured relaxation with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in one of the taverns. If you really want snow, then you can always go for winter fun in the mountainous regions of Troodos.

With the arrival of spring, and it comes in Cyprus in February, nature will not drown you in the mud from the melted snow, will not pour rain from a bucket and will not blow through the cold winds. No, on the island during this period, literally by a wave of the hand, the fields and hillsides are covered with fresh grass, and a few weeks later they are literally drowning in tulips, poppies and irises. And some time later, the flowering of tangerine trees, almonds and jasmine begins. It is in the beginning and middle of spring that it is worth going here for those who cannot overcome the blues of the gray city sky and need changes.

As for the cities and villages, which are preferable for recreation, then again, Cyprus will offer a variety of options. For those who cannot do without the bustle of the city and social life, the best choice is probably the dynamically developing resort of Limassol. In recent years, construction has been actively carried out here, not only resort complexes, but also modern business and office centers made of glass and metal are growing like mushrooms after rain. You can get in touch with history and traditions in the long-established Paphos - the ancient capital of the island. Ancient sights, churches and nice beaches are located here. If you are tired of noise and din, crowds of tourists, then go to Polis or any other town with a small population, narrow streets, cozy houses.

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