Independent travel to Cyprus

When planning a trip to Cyprus, it is not at all necessary to overpay tourist operators, you can choose a route and go on a tour yourself.

When planning a trip to Cyprus, it is not at all necessary to overpay tourist operators, you can choose a route and go on a tour yourself. In this case, travelers get more freedom of action, besides, they will be able to save a lot on the trip.

Registration of a passport and choice of flight

How to start independent travel preparation? Of course, you need a valid passport, so first of all you need to prepare documents for its registration, take it to the department of the migration service and fill out the necessary application forms. According to the law, the passport must be ready within 30 working days, if the citizen is not restricted in moving abroad.

The next important step is choosing an air ticket. As a rule, air travel turns out to be one of the main expenses, so you need to try to choose the most optimal option. Air tickets purchased in advance turn out to be significantly cheaper in price than those bought at the very last moment.

Large search sites can help with choosing the best option, which make it possible to compare the offers of various airlines. With the help of a special subscription on such sites, you can track the appearance of very profitable flights to the desired destination and book a really good option. The purchase of air tickets involves their full payment, so you need to be prepared for significant expenses long before departure.

Rental housing is the best choice for a good holiday

The next important step is choosing a place of residence. More and more travelers are abandoning hotel reservations in favor of self-renting apartments or a private beach house. Such a choice provides significant financial savings and personal freedom, which hotel accommodation is deprived of. A villa or a separate apartment can be profitably rented for a large group of friends or the whole family, to have fun on your vacation without thinking about dress code, penalties and disgruntled neighbors. In addition, at the height of the holiday season, there are always a lot of vacationers in hotels of any class, so it is unlikely that it will be possible to relax there.

Where to choose a suitable rental housing option

You can find the most profitable option using the special offers for renting real estate in Cyprus in our catalog. Everyone will be able to find a profitable option for themselves, regardless of the level of wealth and personal preferences. Having chosen and booked the desired option, the officially executed lease agreement should be attached to the package of documents for obtaining a visa.

Registration of a tourist visa

It is needed to visit Cyprus if travelers do not have a multiple-entry Schengen visa. The authorities of this island state went to meet vacationers from Russia, simplifying and making it as easy as possible to obtain a tourist visa. Now it is processed quickly enough, you can apply via the Internet. The decision to issue a visa or to refuse to visit Cyprus is made within one working day.

Travel insurance

To visit Cyprus, you will also need insurance. There are no special requirements for it, but it is desirable that it comply with the Schengen agreement. If you plan to visit Cyprus for a long period of time (at least a year), you will need to obtain a temporary residence permit or residence permit when renting a home. To do this, you need to prepare a package of documents, fill out the appropriate application and take them to the Cyprus Embassy in your city.

Airport transfer - for a comfortable stay

To travel in comfort, arrange for a transfer from Paphos or Larnaca airport in advance. In this case, you do not have to waste time calling a taxi and explaining to the driver in broken English where you need to get. Upon arrival, the taxi driver will wait for you and deliver you to the desired address. You can also order a transfer via the Internet, which greatly facilitates the journey.

When all the formalities have been met, do not forget to pack all the necessary things, print out air tickets, visas, rental agreement (if everything was drawn up via the Internet) and do not be late for the registration of your flight.

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